Ono Preschool Fall Portrait Day Tips & Information for Parents

• All students will be photographed on a Blue Brushstroke backdrop. This is a great backdrop which coordinates well with many clothing colors and the result is a timeless traditional-looking school portrait keepsake.

• You also have the option of several digital backdrops for your student’s fall portrait. These are a terrific way to make your child’s portrait more personalized for sharing prints or portrait gifts with family and friends.

• Portraits will be taken early in the school day right after Story Time in an effort to keep things looking tidy. One of the preschool teachers and the Photographer will do their best to check hair and clothes right before your child’s turn in front of the camera.

Discuss Portrait Day With Your Child

• Help get your child EXCITED for Portrait Day by telling them that Miss Carrie and her buddy Squeakers will be coming to school to take their photo. This way, when they meet me & Squeakers, we are no longer strangers.

• You don't need to stress out your child about remembering to smile. Squeakers & I have lots of silly words we like to say with preschool kiddos to help bring out those adorable SMILES we want preserved onto keepsakes for your family. Tell  your child having their portrait taken in school is going to be FUN! When you see them after school on Portrait Day, ask them if they remember any silly words we said!

  • Sample_Traditional Backdrop
  • Sample_Chalkboard Horizontal_Preschool

What to Wear

• Choose solid colors, stripes, or simple patterns

• Avoid bright neon colors

• Avoid shirts with large pictures, logos, or with lots of text as portrait cropping can cut logos or words in half

• Long-sleeved shirts are best

• Your student’s fall portrait will be a classic head and shoulders portrait. Collars, necklaces, and details around the neckline look great.

• Girls: This is the day for curls, braids, bows, hair pieces, or whatever special style makes your daughter feel wonderful about herself!

• Boys: If your son likes a little product in his hair, this is the day to do it and to come to school looking dapper!

• Glasses are okay. Your child will be encouraged to pose in a way which will help control glare.

  • Sample_Red Gray Brick
  • Sample_Chalkboard_Vertical_Years
  • Sample_Square Ornate 2022 Ornament
  • Sample_Silver Streak


If you Pre-Register AND Pre-Order (online or paper form) by Portrait Day, you will receive 1 FREE Key Fob!

Pre-Order Online

Have you submitted a pre-order already? If you did, thank you!

If you have not already placed a pre-order, you can do so by doing the following:

Visit DDC Portrait Studio’s portrait gallery hosting site

• Click on the Ono Preschool Fall 2022 gallery which corresponds with your child’s class

• You will need to key in the following Password:  Acorn#22

  • Sample_Key Fob
  • Sample_Preschool Keepsake Image
  • Sample_Oval 2022 Ornament
  • Sample_Calendar Print
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